Who We Are

PW Production Services is a 3rd party production labor company that is committed to helping businesses looking for ways to make their warehouses more efficient and cost effective. We have experience handling a variety of freight types including temperature controlled, fragile, labor intensive, and high value.


Why Work With Us

Our mission is to assist our partners in achieving their operational and financial goals by reducing labor costs, improving warehouse productivity, and eliminating risks through innovative freight handling programs. We do this first by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business and the expectations you have of your warehouse operations. We then go further by developing a plan to improve warehouse efficiency while bringing down costs. We will then continually monitor your warehouse for areas of improvement.

Our Story

PW Production services was founded in 2006 in response to increased demand for on-site production and labor management services. We are headquartered in Charleston, SC, but manage operations throughout the southeast. We continue to grow rapidly as more and more businesses realize the benefits of working with a 3rd party labor company.